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About Embroidery...
Embroidery is the decorating techinique of choice for many garments. It can be done on any fabric from silk to heavy canvas or leather. Embriodery gives the finished products both texture and appeal and can be done in a beautiful array of colors. In order to embroider any gaments a computerized design must be creatd which controls what the machine will sew. This process is called digitalizing and is done when a customer needs a specific logo, image or type of style duplicated.

How does it work?
We use a commercial embroidery machine which is run by a computer. We have the capability of translating your design or business/organization logo into thread by a process called digitizing. This means that a file is created by the computer which tells the sewing machine what type of stitches to use, where to start and stop each stitch, in what order the item will be sewn, and what colors are to be used among other things. Once this design is created, it can be used to sew your design on a number of different items. Pre-existing (stock) designs can also be personalized by adding names, dates or sayings.

How long does it last?
Sometimes longer than the garment itself. Just be sure to follow the washing instructions.

How much does it cost? (see our "ball park estimator")
Cost will vary dependent on a number of issues including; what type of item you are looking for (shirt, hat, jacket, bag, etc.), whether we need to create the design, buy it from another source, or already have it as part of our stock designs, and the size of the design (how many stitches indicates how long it will take to sew it). The only time the number of colors in a design may be an issue is for a design that would have more than 9 colors or uses metallic thread. Embroidery machines have space for different colors of thread, so it does not cost extra for a logo to have several colors. Embroidery is calculated from the size of the design and the composition of the stitches. Together they create the key number: stitch count. Embroidery is charged based on how long it will take to sew each design. The stitch count indicates what the amount of time will be. The lower the stitch count, the lower the cost because it takes less time to sew.

Can you embroider on something I own now?
We can - BUT - we prefer not to, because we can't be held responsible for any damage to the item. MACS can purchase almost any item you would want, and with our wholesale buying power and low markups, the cost is similar or less than you might find in a retail store. Based on our years of experience, we purchase the highest quality items best suited for embroidery.

How do I wash it?
DO NOT BLEACH!! This is the most important thing to remember. Bleach will ruin the vibrant colors of the threads. Wash in cool or warm water with a mild detergent. Do not allow articles to soak in water or to lie on top of each other when wet. Dry on low to medium heat. After laundering, this piece should be pressed with an iron using a warm setting, on the back side, to keep the embroidery flat and maintain a crisp appearance. The embroidery on this garment may have been prepared using a clear covering that is water soluble and will disappear when washed the first time. Because the conditions of use and the washing or cleansing of any dyed thread are beyond the maker's control, no responsibility can be assumed by this shop for damages due to any cause whatsoever.